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Excellent Development Planning
Innovative Design Methods

Putrajaya Masterplan

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Changing the Community Landscape
Detailed Developments & Land Use

Marang's Local Plan

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Streamlining the Path to Development
Simplifying the Application Process for Planning Permission

UTeM Melaka Masterplan

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Expert Guidance and Services for Seamless Development
Land Related Matters

Masai Reservoir

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Projects-MRT2 Land Use Masterplan-300x500

MRT2 Landuse Masterplan

The Masterplan is to ensure the landuse planning is carried out  in an ...

Projects-Kajang Municipal Council-300x500

Kajang Municipal Council's

The Kajang Local Plan is a written statement supported by plans ...

Projects-Chuping Valley Development Plan-300x500

Chuping Valley

To formulate Concept and Implementation plans to develop ...

Projects-LRT3 Project from Bandar Utama to Johan Setia-300x500

LRT3 Project

Submission of Application for Planning Permission (KM) to the ...


Malaysia Airports

Create KLIA into a vibrant Airport City and for it to become ...

Projects-Kertih Polymer Park-300x500

Kertih Polymer Park

KPP has been identified as one of  the key oil & gas ...

MRT2 Land Use Masterplan

Client: PLAN Malaysia (JPBD Malaysia)
Brief Project Description: The Integrated Land Use Masterplan is to optimize the usage of land use along the Putrajaya Line.
Project Completion: 2020
Services Provided: Preparation of an Integrated Land Use Masterplan along the MRT2 corridor.
Key Significance of the Project: Preparation of Integrated Land Use Masterplan by identifying the ideal land use along the MRT2 corridor involving 6 local authorities. This masterplan also supported by TOD Urban Design & Connectivity and Traffic Management Plan of each station according to the suitability and land availability of the site. The document comprises of two volumes: Volume 1 – Main report and Volume 2 – Detailed Proposal. Preparation of integrated land use masterplan, TOD urban design and connectivity and traffic management plan of MRT2, Putrajaya Line.

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Kajang Municipal Council's Local Plan, Selangor 2035 (Replacement)

Client: PLANMalaysia (JPBD Malaysia)
Brief Project Description:  Preparation of Kajang Local Plan 2035 (Replacement) to replace the existing Kajang Local Plan 2020 (Ammendment 4)
Project Completion: 2017
Services Provided: Preparation of local plan for Kajang Municipal
Key Significance of the Project: To produce a planning document that translates the development strategies and policies that has been determined in the State Structure Plan in the form of:

  • Written statement supported by plans.
    1. Development proposal
    2. Proposal plan (planning block / index map)
    3. Subject and detail plan
    4. Use Class Order Table
    5. Detail Guideline
  • Supporting documents
    1. Management and implementation
    2. Sustainability assessment.

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Chuping Valley Development Plan

Client: Northern Corridor Implementation Authority (NCIA)
Brief Project Description: Masterplan for Lembah Chuping
Project Completion: 2015
Services Provided: Lead Consultant for preparation of Masterplan.
Key Significance of the Project: To formulate the Concept Plan and Implementation Plan to develop Lembah Chuping and propose the best approach to develop Lembah Chuping to become high income generating area, encouraging hi-tech industry employing skilled and semi-skilled workers, competitive and create social inclusiveness.

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Client: Prasarana Malaysia Berhad
Brief Project Description: Submission of Application for Planning Permission (KM) to the local authorities (MBPJ and MBSA)
Project Completion: 2021
Services Provided: Planning Submission
Key Significance of the Project:

  • Liaise with relevant authorities on requirements for the planning submission.
  • Advice on local planning requirements/guidelines and procedures to the Client during the preparation of the Planning Layout Plan.
  • Prepare the Planning Layout Plan and Planning Proposal Report (LCP) for planning submission to relevant local authorities.
  • Submit the Planning Layout Plan and LCP along with all supporting documents to the relevant local authorities.

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Client: Malaysian Airport Holdings Berhad (MAHB)
Brief Project Description: MAHB intent to generate positive revenue from its undeveloped land bank by commercially develops the non-aeronautical land surrounding KLIA.
Project Completion: 2008
Service Provided: Preparation of the overall masterplan layout indicating the various development components for submission to authorities for approval upon acceptance and approval of the proposal by MAHB.
Key Significance of the Project: Create KLIA into a Vibrant Airport City and for it to become destination area, i.e not just restricted to airport related activities but to be transformed into a multimodal, multifunctional enterprise which will eventually become a diversified city with significant employment, shopping, trading, exhibition, business meeting, leisure, and tourism destinations.

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Client: KPMG Business Advisory Sdn Bhd
Brief Project Description: Preparation of KPP master plan.
Project Completion: 2009
Service Provided: Review and optimize the layout plan – plan in locating the targeted plastics and its related industries to its best synergies. Identify utility and infrastructure requirement and standards – utility and infrastructure required.
Key Significance of the Project : KPP has been identified as one of the key oil, gas and petrochemical projects under the ECER Master Plan. KPP aims to promote investments to develop plastics and various facilities and moving up the product value chain.

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